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Jan. 4th, 2012 04:15 pm
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credits to velvetbox for the layout~ 

P/s: the layout is called circulos colours and i'm loving it very much
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 summer's here! (ok, in this country, how the heck do you tell the difference? but, who cares it's summer coz i say so..) 

so, decided to have a new layout again... i am loving this one very much. it's from [ profile] abellalayouts which is an awesome community and their layouts are phenomenal! 

ok, i just like trying out new layouts, and this one is a keeper! that is, until i get bored of it and search for a new one. in the meantime, i am very much enjoying this new look! happy~~

ciao <3<3

P/s: Spain won~~~!!! needs to be said here..
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got bored of the last layout.. i think i had it on for a while... 

so~! got a new one! it's from 
[info]refuted , which i simply luv~ <3 coz for one, i really don't like the space in the page to be cramped, so this layout gave a lot of room for the entries to really 'breathe', of sorts. it's not like i'm claustrophobic or anything, but i like my space when i can have it... the only thing missing tho, is a proper header. i'm still shopping around for the right header that goes with the colour of the layout. speaking of which, is another thing i luv about this layout! the colour is just perfect! its easy on the eyes, very fresh but not shockingly colourful. anyway, i'll update as soon as i find that header. till, then...

P/S: HA~! so i finally found the header i wanted after a long search. i found it at the community where i got the previous layout, called [ profile] appleleaf . the header is actually for a layout called scribblings. the header just so happens to match the colour of my current layout~~~ i am really happy right now. i can finally sleep in peace, coz it's already 1.32 am. (oddly enough, the song that is playing right now is Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey - When You Believe... is that supposed to mean anything? i am not too sure...)

good nite ppl~~ ciao <3<3


message courtesy of my adik angkat, hongki~!


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