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Birthdate:Dec 14
Location:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
i used to keep a journal where i write down all my thoughts. sometimes i write more than once a day. it was filled with illegible scribbles and scrawls. i missed having a physical journal but the online one works too. though, i have become lazier and lazier at updating. heck, even with 140 characters on twitter, i don't update much. but, at the hopes of one day being an active journal-keeper again, i hope to keep my lj alive. reading my entries again over the years does help me in remembering things that has happened and how much have changed over even the shortest time-span. like, the things that i would be interested in two years before may or may not still be the things i enjoy today. but, i have found that my love for Ikuta Toma, My Chemical Romance, Japanese and Korean Dramas have stood the test of time. time will tell if the same would hold true in the next few years.

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