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2015-06-01 11:06 am
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unfortunately, this journal is... 

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2012-01-04 04:15 pm
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New layout~

credits to velvetbox for the layout~ 

P/s: the layout is called circulos colours and i'm loving it very much
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2010-08-10 10:14 pm

~رمضان مبارك

 wishing all Muslims a blessed Ramadhan~ tomorrow's the first day of the fasting month, and i will be at a forum from 5 pm... what a difference a year made. last year, on the first day of Ramadhan, i was in my first semester of my final year. 

i think i will be facing a lot of challenges this Ramadhan. i hope and pray that i will get through them well. i hope that this Ramadhan will teach me to become much stronger as a person, and as a Muslim. and i wish the same to all as well. 

Ramadhan mubarak, Ramadhan kareem~
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2010-07-12 09:50 pm

Summer = new layout!

 summer's here! (ok, in this country, how the heck do you tell the difference? but, who cares it's summer coz i say so..) 

so, decided to have a new layout again... i am loving this one very much. it's from [ profile] abellalayouts which is an awesome community and their layouts are phenomenal! 

ok, i just like trying out new layouts, and this one is a keeper! that is, until i get bored of it and search for a new one. in the meantime, i am very much enjoying this new look! happy~~

ciao <3<3

P/s: Spain won~~~!!! needs to be said here..
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2010-03-17 08:49 pm
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New layout, again!

got bored of the last layout.. i think i had it on for a while... 

so~! got a new one! it's from 
[info]refuted , which i simply luv~ <3 coz for one, i really don't like the space in the page to be cramped, so this layout gave a lot of room for the entries to really 'breathe', of sorts. it's not like i'm claustrophobic or anything, but i like my space when i can have it... the only thing missing tho, is a proper header. i'm still shopping around for the right header that goes with the colour of the layout. speaking of which, is another thing i luv about this layout! the colour is just perfect! its easy on the eyes, very fresh but not shockingly colourful. anyway, i'll update as soon as i find that header. till, then...

P/S: HA~! so i finally found the header i wanted after a long search. i found it at the community where i got the previous layout, called [ profile] appleleaf . the header is actually for a layout called scribblings. the header just so happens to match the colour of my current layout~~~ i am really happy right now. i can finally sleep in peace, coz it's already 1.32 am. (oddly enough, the song that is playing right now is Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey - When You Believe... is that supposed to mean anything? i am not too sure...)

good nite ppl~~ ciao <3<3


message courtesy of my adik angkat, hongki~!
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2009-05-29 12:24 pm

new layout

it's new. it's fresh. it's clean. it's pink and green.

thought the journal needs a facelift..

watermelon pop from [ profile] mintyapple 
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2009-05-28 09:29 am

Welcome to the world, Bandit Lee Way~!

So, today, at 2.57pm (i guess that makes it Wednesday, 27th May in the US) Gerard and Lindsey Way are proud parents to a new baby. Congratulations~!!!

im not sure if its a boy or a girl. u kinda can't tell with a name like Bandit...

i mean, what kinda name is Bandit anyway?

but, hey, it's up to the parents to name their kids, regardless of the fact that the kid might hate them for the rest of their lives.

Gerard, i get the fact that ur a comic book writer and everything, but ur kid is not a character in one. please don't subject it to a path before it can choose it for itself. poor little thing..

no pics yet, though.. if the kid is cute, then im kidnapping it when MCR goes to Japan for SUmmer Sonic this August (if Lindsey coems along and IF i get to go there anyway..)
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2008-10-07 05:54 pm

Happy Birthday Toma-san!

i've been hyper since midnight coz it's Toma's birthday today!!!

and i only just got access to a pc so im overexcited... i can feel my cheeks burning...

i feel like an absolute leech everytime i take a scan or download any media from the froums and such, so minna -san i'll try to contribute one of these days ne~

when im not busy ne~

exams are coming up... wish me luck!


Atashi to Toma-kun mo, isshoni gambarimashou!!!